Spotify Pitch

Spotify Pitch

November 30, 2017

My favorite ad projects are the ones that are completely open-ended. The ones where we’re giving a problem, a blank sheet of paper, and then just told, “Don’t worry about form, format or cost, just go make it awesome.” And that’s just what happened when our new-biz team tasked us with appealing to a few cloud-based music services out there.

Our stated task was to prime the pump. To get these companies, that wouldn’t have the best view of direct marketing, interested enough to take our call. In the end, they called us.

We tackled the problem by thinking about what cloud-based music represents. It’s a move beyond media, but — really — it’s just a next step in the evolution of how we listen to music. So we brought back some of the music formats of yore, talked about their shortcomings, then took aim at the current king of digital music, iTunes.

What we produced was a series of branded dead media that were sent to key stakeholders within the targeted companies. The next day a screen-printed poster and letter were sent, explaining the purpose of the old media and telling them just who we are.

The result? We didn’t even have to call them. The day after the posters arrived, we started getting calls from a few interested folks in their marketing department, even their CMO. I’m calling that a win.

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Spotify Pitch
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