Salesforce Shopping Insights HQ

Salesforce Shopping Insights HQ

March 17, 2024

The retail industry is a nearly $1B line of business for Salesforce. We launched Shopping Insights HQ to both highlight the capabilities of the company’s products and become a trusted source for retail information. The site is regularly updated with an array of shopping information, drawn from the 1.5+ Billion transactions that Salesforce sees.

In addition to the website itself, there was extensive social, display, and video promotions especially around peak shopping times such as Cyber Week. These included promotions created within mere hours of receiving up-to-the-minute sales data.

As the copy lead on this project, I worked with stakeholders to understand the business problem and best form a solution, wrote all of the copy for the site and promotions, planned and scripted out video content, and project managed creative deliverables.

Below you will find a collection of promotional material, you can visit the Shopping Insights HQ as well.