eBay & Wonder Woman

eBay & Wonder Woman

November 30, 2017

Agency: Feed Communications

Project: Wonder Woman Content/Promotion

In the summer of 2017, eBay asked my team at Feed Communications to create original content to help promote their upcoming sale of the three rarest Wonder Woman comics in history. Expected to sell for more than $1M, the simple sale of these items on eBay (as opposed to a traditional auction house) was groundbreaking. And that doesn’t even begin to touch on the groundbreaking content of the books themselves.

The key piece of content that we created was a web video that centered on an interview with the comic seller. Working with him, and utilizing an excellent production company, I was able to interview the seller and gather the necessary clips to build the story of the book. Then, utilizing a production company based in Seattle, WA, we create an enthralling visual story of the sale, the non-profit that was receiving part of the profits and Wonder Woman herself.

I was the CD on this campaign, overseeing the video production, site creation, and banner design (plus handling all the writing personally). These assets sparked a wave of earned media mentions from well-known outlets including CNETMental FlossThe Hollywood ReporterThe Toronto Star, and more.

And, in the most important measure, the sale broke records for female-led comic books and exceeded everyone’s expectations.

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Creative Direction, Copywriting, Strategy