eBay CRM

eBay CRM

November 30, 2017

eBay has 170 Million active users, and the most consistent point of contact with them is through CRM and Banners. Touching 70M users globally every day, their email marketing campaigns have to be eye catching, memorable, effective and easy to localize.

The headers and banners here are just a small collection of some of the hundreds of campaigns that I have written and directed for the tech giant. Using cutting edge coding, these pieces are able to dynamically draw in a smorgasbord of examples, items, and events that are all relevant to not only a specific user, but also dynamically change over time.

Working with internal — and agency-side — strategy teams, we truly found a way to successfully connect with our customers from Boston to Beijing to Berlin.

After successfully launching and testing a series of campaigns in the North & South American market (their primary market, and the one which I directly oversaw), we were able to improve CTR, OR, CTOR, and sales-per-touch for nearly all of their verticals on a global level.

Client name
Copy Direction, Creative Direction, Creative Planning