Up, Over, Through

Up, Over, Through

November 30, 2017

I love solving business problems with marketing, and (thankfully) I’ve gotten very good at it. And that’s why I really enjoy agency self-promotional work. It’s a chance to really stretch the creative muscle because, usually, we’re given a budget, a target demographic and then just told to, “do something awesome.”

Healthcare represents one of the the largest verticals that Hacker Agency works in. And every Q1, we try to send out a very eye-catching campaign to raise awareness of our agency and break the ice a little bit with prospects. When the boots hit the ground, the campaign also has to highlight our mastery and understanding of the marketplace, while making us seem fun too.

In 2015, my team and I thought that it would be fun to create a Dr Seuss-esque book that made healthcare marketers into heroic generals, leading their teams to victory. To accomplish this, I drafted out a story, then led my team as we illustrated, art directed and produced it. In the end, we had the tale of a mighty healthcare marketer, scaling a cursed mountain, full of the evils that they will face.

The book was a rousing success! Each book was followed by a phone call soon after delivery, and — literally — 98% of the calls were met with, “You were the guys with the book!? We should talk.” In fact, soon after the wave of new clients brought on by this endeavor, Hacker was able to launch a sub-brand that’s centered solely on healthcare marketing, and is one of their most profitable arms.

You can download the entire book here.

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