Leatherman Tool Group

Leatherman Tool Group

November 30, 2017

With the Leatherman redesign, we had to rebrand the tool maker as a more sophisticated, “blue-state” tool. Their biggest competition was coming from Gerber tools, who marketed themselves as a rough and tough, “go get ‘em” sort of tool company.

To reach the goal of positioning Leatherman as a “thinking man’s” tool, I wrote copy that was witty, sophisticated, and largely lacking machismo. Some examples of a few of my favorite lines, and some more in-depth detail pages from the project are below.

The rebrand resulted in an increase in sales for the tool maker and the successful positioning of them as a less “macho” but still useful alternative to the competition. This voice and style still permeates the media they produce.

Client name
Leatherman Tool Group