Dignity Memorial Pitch

Dignity Memorial Pitch

November 30, 2017

While at HackerAgency, I was tapped to lead the pitch team. Amongst others, I was tasked with delivering a pitch for Dignity Memorial, the nation’s largest network of funeral homes.

To accomplish this, I led several concepting teams, and — with them — developed a collection of rough concepts centered on the idea of pre-planning your own funeral. Once the ideas were established I drafted and refined scripts for the concepts. Then — working with our video designer — put together a series of cinematics comprised of video assets we found across the internet to help get that idea across. After those were created, I Creative Directed a series of print ads and various web presences to help support them. Finally, myself, my CD and one of our Account Directors flew down and delivered the pitch. It was exhausting, but well worth it.

While we did not win this specific pitch, we were able to impress upon the client our ability to stretch beyond the media which we had been working in with them. Eventually we were able to grow the business to include expanded video content, which was directly attributed to the work in this pitch.

Personally, I love pitches and RFPs. Sure they’re very, very fast (this one was entirely completed from initial concepting to pitch in a little over two weeks), but they don’t normally come with too much baggage and they’re wide open for creative ideas.

Here are our final animatics as we presented them.

Client name
Dignity Memorial
Creative Direction, Copywriting, Strategy